There will be obtained several results after project completion.

  1. Creation of internet site of the project with the knowledge available on endophytic microbes, mycorrhizal fungi, rhizospheric fungi and bacteriax and their interaction with other biota.
  2. Creation of the specialized training content elaborated in the easy-to-understand for farmers way
  3. Executing pilot testing to identify possible to improve issues in the training content
  4. Printing handbook
  5. Organizing open days at the field sites (Multiplier event).
  6. Guidelines and protocol with best agricultural practices distributed in each major local and national farmer’s association of each participating country
  7. Production of information booklets by every beneficiary in local language.
  8. Organization of short staff training – focus on young generation and gender equality.
  9. Public press releases, and other public media interaction as radio/TV, in each participating country in interaction between farmer and scientist