Funice Project

Agricultural use of beneficialmicroorganisms in the aspect of environmental protection

The project FUNICE is unique in the EU scale. There is several scientific publication related to micoryza however the wider idea is not known particularly imong the greatest group of beneficiaries like farmers and plant producers. Moreover ther was no learning project for farmers and plant producers in this topic. The idea of implementation mycoryza in the agricultural use for natural environment protecion is revolutionary and innovative. Project will be based on the training methodology which will be elaborated as a part of the project and will be base for development of the training content and implementation of the course for target group. Project will be complementary from methodological point of view to previous projects done in the frame of Leonardo da Vnci (e.g. Improfarm, Rubigas) and Erasmus+ (e.g. Livenutrition). However the topic of the project is not comparable with any project in the frame of LLL programme.